Why start a blog?

Noah (3) teaching David (1) how to properly share donuts.
Noah (3) teaching David (1) how to properly share donuts.

Why start a blog? Good question. To answer, I’ll give you a list, since that’s what the kids are into these days. Here are 4.5 reasons I’m starting a blog.

.5. One site said there were over 450 million blogs on the internet! That site was a blog too, so who knows how accurate that was. Nonetheless, why not make it 450,000,001, amiright!? This is not really a reason so on to the real reasons.

  1. The most common advice I hear is, “Enjoy it. It goes by so fast.” So….this is me…enjoying it.

Let’s be clear from the beginning. This blog is supposed to be fun, and share my experience from a working dad’s perspective. My ability to recall specific memories from the past is lacking. Maybe it’s a guy thing. Either way, the #daddylessons tweets, along with this blog, are intended to be a way for me to remember stuff. The fun stuff, and sometimes, the not so fun stuff. Because it’s all worth remembering….and enjoying. Plus, writing can be incredibly therapeutic. It is so affirming to read about a time in your life that evoked certain emotions and remember it fondly or consider how you were able to make it through a specific challenge. Parenting can elicit those types of emotions. From the time kids enter this world, more seasoned advice-givers around the world will never cease in saying things like, “Enjoy it while it lasts.” “You blink and it’s gone.” “Amazing how time flies.” “Eat your greens.” This is my attempt to do just that…except the “Eat your greens” part. That’s for the birds.

  1. I want my kids to be able to see this journey.

I grew up in a different world than the one in which my kids will grow up. Could I just write these things in a journal and give it to them on their eighteenth birthday, as the beautiful sun sets on the horizon, and they cry while thanking me for all of the great parenting advice and techniques I used on them? Sure, but I would be missing an incredibly important piece. Your piece. This is a blog of engagement. I want to connect with you. I want you to connect with me, give advice, share experiences, and receive insights. Life is a community journey. We can either choose to be a recluse in our community or choose to be engaged in our community, but we can’t escape the fact that we are in a community. I try my best (and often fail) to choose to engage my community because, I believe, that is what we were created to do.

  1. This is a professional development tool.

Seriously though, how many people have you heard say, “Parenting is a full time job.” What do you usually get at your full time job? PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. The problem is, not enough people treat parenting like a full time job and get the professional development they need. How long would you be employed if you took the time you were supposed to be working and spent a majority of it browsing Facebook, checking Twitter….or writing blogs? You can quit or be fired from a job, but you can’t quit or be fired from parenting…ever. Sadly, I get this wrong with parenting, a lot. Why don’t we pay the same amount of attention to our kids that we do to our work? So, this blog will hopefully have something that can help all of us make our parenting better.

Just the boys...hanging out like we all wish we could. (Noah = 2, David = <6 mos.)
Just the boys…hanging out like we all wish we could. (Noah = 2, David = <6 mos.)
  1. Why should moms have all the “fun?”

You don’t need to look around on the interweb for long to find out that the motherhood blog department is just a bit overstocked. There are so many “mommy blogs” out there, the other day, I accidentally read one because of an absent-minded click. Okay, maybe it wasn’t accidental, or absent-minded. Okay, it was really funny, but why should moms have all the fun? Why not add a little testosterone to the parenthood blogosphere? Sure, there are plenty of stay at home dads out there who have started blogs to add their perspectives. Perhaps this blog can add the nuanced perspective of a working dad. I don’t know. Let’s just agree to have some fun and not take ourselves too seriously, okay? Good.

If you are still with me, here are some basic rules of the blog as we get started:

  1. Comments and shares are encouraged.
  2. Disagreeing respectfully is okay. Not that this blog is going to be a lightning rod of controversy, but believe it or not, it is possible to disagree with someone without being a goon. If you’re a goon, you can take your gooniness elsewhere.
  3. Since most people only make it half way through an article, I will do my best to keep all blog posts short and easy to read.
  4. As creator of this blog, I can add or remove rules at my discretion at any point in time ever for any reason in perpetuity.

Thanks for reading this first post. Join me on this journey of parenting as a working dad.



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