It’s David’s Birthday!!!

Two years ago today, our hearts grew, our family grew, and our lives changed. David Jonathan Cruz entered the world with a dark head of hair and a density he’s still not afraid to throw around. Coming in at 10 lbs. 4 ounces, the audible response from the doctors and nurses was, “Awwww…..Ohhhhhh.”

Here’s David in awe of his cake.

Look at that cake! Amazing!

Also, my wife’s cake decorating skills are insane.

Seriously! LOOK AT IT!

During the process, our good friend Rachel Hayden of Leona May Photography also joined us to provide the visual side of the process, and we couldn’t have been more blessed by her incredible talent. Check it out here. Thanks to her passion and eye for birth photography, we can easily look back on this day and remember all of the emotion, love, stress, pain, and snot bubbles.

Looking back on it, I’m not sure what compelled me to do this, but I decided I would take notes on my phone at random times throughout the process. A sort of personal live blog. So now, available for public consumption for the first time, my personal live blog of David’s birth. Don’t judge me. It was David who decided to be born during football season.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

5:08pm: Came home to help Eden through a meltdown and convince Noah he really did want baby David to come out and play.

5:39pm: Put the infant car seat in the car and realized the days of legroom are officially over.

6:00 pm: Checked the score of the A&M/South Carolina game on my phone. 10-7 A&M.

6:17pm: Dropped Noah off with Gigi and Papa and was totally that parent who went through 47 instructions before leaving.

6:38pm: Stopped for the pregame meal, so to speak. Totally fumbled the order. Started with chicken alfredo and a steak sandwich cause I thought it was the mother of all you pick 2 deals. Then realized I was at Panera, and if you think something’s cheap, it’s not. Decided on chicken salad sandwich, like my wife. I was going more for Sonic or Culver’s, but I’m also not the one preparing to push a human out of my lower half.

6:49pm: Ate our sandwiches in the hospital parking lot. Hot date. While eating my sandwich I couldn’t help but think, “I could’ve gotten 6 McDoubles for this.”

7:07pm: Checked in to labor and delivery. 7 minutes late. Felt like I was late for a meeting. A meeting that lasts 72 hours.

7:19pm: In the room, nurse offers me control of the TV, Eden says, “Oh he doesn’t get to control that,” then giggles. I laugh, nervously.

7:22pm: Checked the score. 38-14 A&M. Wow, that was unexpected. Must. Get. TV. Control.

7:29pm: Made a move in Wordfeud. Beating my mom by 101 points. No mercy.

8:05pm: Nurse talked our ear off. Couldn’t get control of the TV. Checked score 45-28 A&M. Interesting.

8:07pm: I just go for it and reach for the TV control. Without looking up from the papers she is signing she says, “Don’t you dare. Not yet” Me: “just to check the…” Her: “No.” accompanied with the pregnancy stare.

You know what I’m talking about. I start rethinking my strategy on catching the end of the game.

8:33pm: Checked the score. 52-28 A&M wins. Missed the game entirely. Good start to football season.

8:50pm: Not even 2 hours in and I’m thinking about what I can eat. Dang you, Panera!

9:05pm: Finally got TV control and found the Boise State/Ole Miss game and got a happy video of Noah from Gigi. Almost made me forget I was in a labor and delivery room so that my wife could…hey those Boise State helmets are sweet!

9:34pm: Finally got the first step to induction done. Ole Miss scores a touchdown to go up 14-6, and Eden says I do not want watch football right now. TV off.

9:49pm: Eden on the phone with her mom. I turn on the TV to the Ole Miss game on mute to see them score again. Stealth mode. Winning.

10:13pm: Now we are watching the Big Bang Theory. Probably time to get some shut eye before things get serious. Eden should probably sleep too.

11:51pm: Still giggling like a school girl at How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory. Eden’s laughing too.

Friday, August 29, 2014

12:31am: Dozed off and woke up to nurses pouring in talking about “no heartbeat.” Serious time. Not the way to wake up. Talk about dazed and confused. Nurses got busy doing their thing. Worked for several minutes, and I laid there trying to figure out what to say or do. They found the heartbeat and all was right again…except for that feeling like I just drank 4 cups of espresso. Whew.

1:24am: Epidural time. Note: dudes, you will be primarily responsible to offer your hand or leg or anything within grasp as a squeeze/slash stress ball. Take your ring off or make sure to offer your whole hand not just fingers. You’re welcome.

2:12am: Epidural had taken effect. Eden turns to me and says, “I think I peed…will you check?” Be prepared for anything…ANYTHING!

3:03am: 6-7cm dilated. One last break before possibly helping things along a bit more. Forgot how nights turn into a string of short naps. Awesome.

5:38am: Both of us got a solid block of sleep, and the Pitocin has been started. That means this induction is in full tilt.

6:06am: Eden has me clean up the room in preparation for the birth…and the pictures. That was the last thing on my mind, but then again, it usually is.

7:17am: Doctor is in the house. Anytime now, David….anytime. Hurry up and wait at this point.

8:23am: C’mon dude. Come out. It’s time, and I’m hungry.

8:40am: We’ve reached the point where we are just straight up waiting. Nurses and Eden talking about swimsuits and shopping. I have nothing to contribute. Does anyone need a back scratch, a hand to squeeze, or a foot massage? Anyone?

9:12am: Pushing commences. Show time

9:47am: David Jonathan Cruz made his grand entrance at 21 1/2 inches and 10 lbs 4 oz. Anything I do the rest of my life will not surpass this. She retains TV control for life.

Seriously though, if you haven’t heard of birth photography or have been thinking about it, go check out the pictures again here. Once you wipe the tears away, give Rachel a call. She’s the best.




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