One. Month. Left.

Welp. We’ve got a month. Exactly one month from today.

Unless you ask my wife, who’s ready and willing to push this baby out NOW. If you read my original blog post about the pregnancy, and have been following along, it’s been awhile since we’ve given a real update on the progress.

We had an ultrasound a few weeks back to check progress right at the beginning of the third trimester. Here are the quick points told to us by the doctor and ultrasound tech:

-Turners babies sometimes have club feet, Selah does not.

-Turners babies sometimes have two bones in the pinky finger, Selah has three bones.

-Turners babies typically do not have an identifiable nose bone in the ultrasound, Selah does.

-Turners babies typically show a webbed neck, Selah does not.

-Turners babies typically measure small, Selah is measuring right on schedule.

Essentially, there are no markers for Turner syndrome other than what was found in the original blood test. For this, we are so grateful for the prayers and support we have felt from friends and complete strangers. This is part of the reason we are anxious for Selah to make her grand appearance. The only way the doctors will confirm complete health is when they take a swab of her cheek to test her DNA once she is born. We are continuing to pray and believe for a completely healthy, strong, and happy baby girl. Thank you for believing with us.

In other news, I’m already receiving an education on how many different shades of pink there are, the importance of bows and tutus, and an early tutorial on how to braid hair. Additionally, we converted our guest room into a princess room and bought a mini-van. Yes, we bought a mother-father minivan. Already, this girl has cost me more than the two boys combined….and she’s not even born yet!

She runs from the heart monitor, squirms when she’s tickled, and kicks back when you talk to her. She seems to be a feisty one, which is what we need since the boys are just SO docile (heavy sarcasm intended).

Noah (4) and David (2) at a recent pumpkin patch looking suave.
Noah (4) and David (2) at a recent pumpkin patch looking suave.

The boys are excited (I think) to meet her, and Eden and I can’t believe how soon she will arrive. Yup, she will get here just in time for the holidays…and all the presents. Funny how that works. It’s almost like she planned it that way from the beginning. “Hey guys, I’ll just chill in here for a bit. Let me know when the pie and presents are ready.” It’s brilliant, really. Perhaps she’s a genius. That’s it. She’s a genius.

Things should be pretty interesting during the next few weeks. I mean, will Selah decide to come out early? Will Halloween provide enough candy for our household to consume over the next year? Will Michigan beat Ohio State? Will I overeat regular turkey or hospital turkey? So many unknowns.

I feel like there’s something else going on, but I can’t remember. Hate it when that happens…



2 thoughts on “One. Month. Left.

  1. Dorynda Carpenter says:

    Praying and believing baby Selah will be born in perfect health with no complications! One thing’s already certain, she has been given to amazing parents and has two handsome and wonderful big brothers! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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