The Time Has Come

The time has come.

The doctor has scheduled her to be induced…..tomorrow (11/16/16)…..TOMORROW! EDEN IS BEING INDUCED TOMORROW!!!

Side note, aren’t the terms we use to describe this stuff odd? Eden is being “induced.” We’ve scheduled an “induction.” It sounds like we’re going to play a ‘YUGE’ trick on her. “She thought we were going out to eat, but we went to the hospital instead! Man, was she induced!”

Second side note, isn’t it crazy that this stuff can be scheduled? That blows my mind. It’s like, “Yeah, let’s see, I’ve got that thing at 8:30am, and that meeting at 10am. Looks like I can fit in the induction at 11am, and make it to that luncheon by 12:30pm.” WHAT!? Anyway, I digress…back on track.

This is happening, you guys. And we couldn’t be more thrilled. We are so excited to finally meet our baby girl. Monday this week is when it really hit me. We’re having another baby. That reality hit Eden roughly 9 months ago. I guess it takes me a little longer to process.

We so appreciate all these months of prayers that have been offered on our behalf. The time has finally come for us to meet Selah Violet Cruz. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m looking forward to a couple days of solitude for just Eden, Selah, and me. Such a meaningful time to fully soak in the new addition to the family. So thankful I was able to do it for Noah and David. Plus, two nights away in a “room with a view” while our boys hang with Gigi and Papa?! It’s practically a mini-vacation! Also, I’m so glad we are avoiding hospital Thanksgiving dinner. I’m sure it’s good, but can’t beat homemade. Bring on the turkey!

I’m also excited to bring her home to these two rascals.

I can't even.
I can’t even.

I mean, this photo shows their personalities so well! Noah’s intensity is at 11, always, and David is just putting out the vibe. Smooth operators, to be sure. They are both excited to meet Selah too. When we first told Noah months ago that a baby was coming his first words were, “What?! Will it come out of your mouth?” Surprisingly, we were not prepared for that kind of response. Just last week, David was poking Eden’s belly saying, “Stay in there!” He’s come around though, I think.

I’m also excited to bring Selah home to this:

The Princess Suite
The Princess’ Suite

And this:

The Princess’ Crib

And this:

The Princess’ Closet

And this:

The Princess' Dresser
The Princess’ Dresser

Now you know what I mean when I say So. Much. Pink. Kudos to my mother in law and wife for pulling it off. They never cease to amaze.

Needless to say, the last few months have been fraught with emotion and hard work…and a whole lot of excitement. We know that God has been in control from the beginning, and He will continue to be in control. We are thankful for how many of you have joined us in prayer.

The day has finally come to meet our little baby girl. And I’m sure she will bring a whole new world of #daddylessons with her.

Here. We. Go.



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