The results are in…

We are officially outnumbered.

As a family of five, Eden and I are officially switching our defensive strategy to zone. This actually works in my favor as I was never athletic enough to be successful in man to man. Zone fits my skillset much more effectively.

The couple days in the hospital after Selah arrived were very special for us. I had forgotten how sweet it was to have a newborn fall asleep on your chest or settle down when your voice was heard or how frequently they poop. We cherished all of it. Even the nine poopy diapers we changed in the first 24 hours. There is a sweetness about a newborn that just can’t be matched by anything else, especially when it is your own. It also helped that she’s been the least fussy of the three children we’ve had. It could be that we are a bit more comfortable with our third one, but I believe the fact that she shed no tears when they did a blood draw to test for Turner’s proves how easygoing she really is. And with two boys who seem to think they are the only child, we were praying hard for an easygoing baby.

Speaking of that blood draw, the test to check her chromosomes for Turner’s Syndrome took a couple of weeks. If you haven’t heard about our journey through pregnancy with Selah, you can catch up here.

Today, I called the doctor to see if the results had come in. She originally told us it would take one to two weeks to get the results, and today marks two weeks since the blood draw. Unfortunately, she still had not received the copy of the report through the mail. However, she looked up the results online and was able to find them in her system. She told me that on the line that would normally indicate “Turner Syndrome” or any other abnormality, the online report reads “Normal Female Chromosomes.”


Our perfect baby girl.
Our perfect baby girl.

When we originally received the prognosis at week nine of the pregnancy, we were in shock. We were told that the type of blood test we had was accurate 99% of the time, and the specialist treated it as a foregone conclusion. When I told him specifically that we were people of faith and would be praying, he smiled, shrugged, and continued telling us what to expect in a pregnancy with Turner Syndrome.

Oh, how prayer can change things. If you read this or heard about our baby girl and offered prayers on our behalf, we want to say thank you. Thank You for believing with us. Thank You for praying for us. Thank You for the kind words of support. We are overwhelmed, humbled, and in awe of the support we have felt throughout this entire pregnancy. Today, we celebrate.

God is faithful.



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