Life is Busy.

Life is busy.


For me, this might be the understatement of the century for the current season our family is in. This particular blog is really more a way for me to capture just how insane things are right now for posterity. You may or may not know that we had our third child this past November. The transition from two kids to three kids has taken much longer than the transition from zero kids to one kid and one kid to two kids. It really does feel like juggling, with one of the kids just up in the air somewhere doing whatever the heck they want. Slowly but surely, we are getting there, and I’m not even the one primarily staying home with them. God bless my wife. As the primary caregiver, she has to put up with an inordinate amount of stuff, which, if it were present in any job description any sane person would run the opposite direction. She’s a saint.

For me, I work fulltime as the Capital Campaign Manager at Evangel University. It is truly fulfilling work that serves a need for our students and campus that we’ve had for a while. We are working on a multi-million dollar campaign to upgrade our athletic facilities to a level of excellence our students deserve. Shameless Plug #1: If you’d like to help us fill the need in our athletic facilities a bit faster, you can do so here:

Our new turf field.
Our new turf field.

As an example of just how cool a place Evangel is, this past year we started a pilot program to bring Green Belt Certification for Lean Six Sigma to campus through an academic course. That will probably mean nothing to a majority of you, but it’s a pretty major opportunity. This was made available to staff, and I jumped in immediately. This spring we will wrap up the course, and I hope to earn my green belt certification in lean six sigma, which is pretty cool, and time consuming.

As if I were bored, or something, I decided to…oh….how do I say it….start a business. Yeah, crazy. Last fall I had an idea. A good friend of mine was involved at a business incubator and development center in town in their accelerator program. I was intrigued by the idea, and he was gracious enough to answer my random questions from time to time. After a while, I pitched him this idea. We talked about it for a bit, his kindness superseded his cynicism, and he told me he thought it was a good idea. I felt affirmed, and then he said something ridiculous. He said, “You should apply to the next cohort of the accelerator program for the Spring.”


I kept up with his experience with the program, and he kept encouraging me to apply. So with no product, no company, no revenue, lots of persuasion, and lots of prayer, I decided to apply and see what happens. I finished the application while Selah slept on my chest in the hospital room after she was born. Third kid…what can I say. We had just experienced one of the biggest miracles of our lives, our Turners Syndrome-diagnosed baby being born without Turners, so I guess I thought, why not go for another one.

A few days after the application was submitted, I got an email invitation to come interview. The next door in the process had opened, and so we thought we should step through it to see what would happen. I prepared for the interview, with help to those of you who completed the survey I posted on Facebook and LinkedIn leading up to the interview. The interview came and went, and was a really great experience. I knew, deep down, I had given it my best effort. So I was at peace regardless of the outcome. A few weeks later, just before Christmas, I got an email. Yup. They offered me a spot in the program. When I told Eden she was more excited than I was. That was all the affirmation and encouragement I needed.

Let's Do Lunch
Let’s Do Lunch (logo credit: Chris Rudolph)

So, on February 6, 2017, I started the insane journey of becoming an entrepreneur. There is an incredible amount of work to do just to lay the foundation, but I’m already experiencing an incredible business community that is full of support and encouragement. Shameless Plug #2: You can check out the website here: Am I still at Evangel? You bet, and we have some exciting things coming up there too.

These past few weeks have been really interesting. Perhaps it’s the insane schedule or the ridiculous amount of focus needed to juggle everything. I’m not sure yet, but with all this added stuff on our plates, our family time has become even more meaningful and even more intentional. The most exciting part about all of this to me?

I firmly believe that the best is yet to come.



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